Tokyo / Thunderous

Sept 25th

Japan tour concludes with thunderous claps now that the audience learned the importance of Blockchain for sustainable development goals

Tokyo, 25th September – 370 audience participated today have proved that the Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals Tour Summit has indeed, been an important mission to impart Blockchain related information to the masses.

The summit today started with Blaz Golob, President of European Blockchain HUB welcoming the participants with great enthusiasm. In his speech, he introduced the European Blockchain HUB and their global vision to advocate for Blockchain Technology for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Continuing on to his sharing session, he also stressed on the importance for the European Blockchain HUB to partner with Asia counterparts for the movement to materialise and ultimately accomplish the SDGs.

Further on, the sharing sessions today were joined by two new speakers from Japan: Rio Takeshi Kubo – Founder of NO BORDERS Corporation and Kohei Tokumasu – Technical Director of NO BORDERS Corporation. Kubo introduced to the audience the company’s project ANGELIUM – a new platform developed based on the Virtual Reality technology to deliver the new generation of entertainment that connects the world's cultures with no border. Tokumasu then took over the stage to elaborate further on how Blockchain Technology helps to solve the technical problems that ANGELIUM faces in terms of copyright protection, real virtual reality queue time and its payment system for better security.

Besides the interesting Blockchain related project shared by Kubo and Tokumasu, were also key speakers of European Blockchain HUB’s honoured partners and associates who have been touring with the Blockchain for SDGs. They were:

1. Simon Stephen, Co-Founder of MOGU
2. Anja Blaj, Community Manager of Slovenia Blockchain Think Tank
3. Ice Ong, Business Development Manager of World of Sharing (WOS)
4. Mark Kalin, Head of Innovation Office & New Technology at BTC Company
5. Scott Gass, Marketing Director of EUNEX (Europe)
6. Kyan Lee, Marketing Director of EUNEX (Asia)
7. Yusof Rayven, Senior Sales & Marketing of EUNEX

Meanwhile, the summit also saw the speakers, members of the Blockchain community and the audience engaged in high-level networking session for future possibilities of Blockchain related projects to achieve SDGs.

As the summit concluded European Blockchain HUB’s tour in Tokyo, the motivation to further on the global Blockchain movement for Sustainable Development Goals continues to grow thanks to the positive response from the amazing crowd. Tokyo is the third Asian stop after Jakarta and Hong Kong which took place recently.

Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Tour Summit 2018/19 is currently the BIGGEST Blockchain Tour Summit organised by the European Blockchain HUB. This global tour across Europe and Asia is meant to take place in 20 countries, and will culminate in the prestigious Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia from 17th – 18th January 2019.

We will be touring Taipei, Taiwan next on 27th September 2018. Come and join us to learn more about this global Blockchain movement that will change the world for the better!

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