The Global Blockchain Summit website officially launched

7 December 2018

On Friday, 7 December 2018, in joint partnership, the European Blockchain HUB (EU BC HUB) and the Nispana, announced and launched the new website for Global Blockchain Summit’ which will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 29-30 April 2019.

The official launch took place at the same time in Slovenia and India, both in situ and remotely via video link, this way connecting the two partner offices and attendees online.

Mr. Naren Kumar, Nispana’s managing director, delivered the opening speech  via video link from India, welcoming attendees and highlighting collaboration with the EU BC HUB team.

Mr Blaž Golob, EU BC HUB President and CEO, thanked attendees in HUB’s premises and those in Nispana offices, emphasizing the collaboration with Nispana and invited broad audience and their communities to join in shaping Summit’s agenda as well as coming to Ljubljana to the event.

Among over thirty attendees there were also Ms Nena Dukuzov, Ministry of economic development and technology & EU BC HUB advisory board member, Ms Tanja Bivic, BC Alliance Europe & EU BC HUB management board member, Mr Tadej Slapnik, Tolar Hashnet Slovenia director & EU BC HUB chairman of the advisory board.

The Global Blockchain Summit (Ljubljana, 29-30 April 2019) will present a unique global exchange event open for governments, business, academia, as well as other stakeholder groups driven by or interested in blockchain.

The program will aim to offer space to discuss implementation of blockchain in realizing United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), tokenizing economy with suitable ecosystems for ICO’s, and bringing a wide spectrum of successful blockchain practice cases worldwide.

We kindly invite you to follow-up on latest information about the event via event’s website and our dedicated social media accounts, Twitter @EUBCHUB and Facebook @EUBCHUB.

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