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Sept 27th

Taipei shows its potential to grow as a global Blockchain hub – and eubc hub is proud to impart blockchain related stories to support its development

Taipei, 27th September – A full house of 350 audience today continues to push European Blockchain HUB’s mission for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) further toward realisation.

Delivering an opening speech today was Rex Yep, Founding Member & Asian Node Representative of European Blockchain HUB who thanked the audience for their supports in his invigorating welcome speech. He then continued his speech where he hoped that in today’s summit – participants would learn and understand more about Blockchain Technology and how it is being utilised in various industries for SDGs.

Also present today, was Yang Kuo Jeng, General Secretary of APAC Blockchain Development Association who delivered a supportive speech as he welcomed the European Blockchain HUB to Taipei. Yang was enthusiastic about the potential of Taiwan being a Blockchain development hub as he reasoned that Taiwan today has a lot of advantages for Blockchain Technology to grow due to its matured high-technology industries.

Jin Tai, CEO of MAXONROW Asia Region who originates from Taiwan envisions the same aspiration as Yang. According to Jin Tai, today was the first time she has had the chance to introduce MAXONROW to her home country despite being a Taiwanese. She also shared with the participants today about her future plans to actively involve MAXONROW’s participation in Taiwan’s Blockchain industry.

Besides that, today’s summit was joined by two first-time speakers with Blockchain for SDGs Tour Summit – Fabian Hoong, CEO of Blockchain Master and Mr. Stanley Tjhai, Vice President of MAXBANK. Fabian delivered a thoughtful presentation about lifelong learning to create momentum for sustainable development while also stressed on the importance of knowledge for it can empower the community for better living value.

Stanley Tjhai on the other hand, presented interesting examples from the service industries where Blockchain Technology is used to streamline company’s operation, and ultimately contribute to the accomplishment of SDGs.

Today’s summit also saw our touring speakers presenting their local Blockchain stories to fellow Taiwan’s participants. They were:

1. Rex Yeap, Founding Member & Asian Node Representative of European Blockchain HUB
2. Dr. Eric Ong, Founder & CEO of Relianz Limited
3. Fabian Hoong, CEO of Blockchain Master
4. Stanley Tjhai, Vice President of MAXBANK
5. Wilson Gan, Corporate Advisor of Relianz Limited
6. Ice Ong, Business Development Manager of World of Sharing (WOS)
7. Scott Gass, Marketing Director of EUNEX (Europe)
8. Kyan Lee, Marketing Director of EUNEX (Asia)
9. Yusof Rayven, Senior Sales & Marketing of EUNEX

Under one roof in Marriott Taipei Hotel, all members of the Blockchain community from various industries and the participants engaged in high-level networking session for future possibilities of Blockchain related projects to achieve SDGs. This networking opportunity was only made possible by this tour – as European Blockchain HUB brings on aboard Blockchain experts and enthusiasts from around the world to one country after another.

Thanks to the local perspectives of Taiwan’s speakers – both organiser and participants today learned about Taiwanese’s current standing and their visions on Blockchain Technology in local industries. This is one of the reasons why Blockchain for SDGs Tour Summit tours abroad across Asia and Europe so we can bring stories from different parts of the world together to learn and benefit from the exchange.

Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Tour Summit 2018/19 is currently the BIGGEST Blockchain Tour Summit organised by the European Blockchain HUB. This global tour across Europe and Asia is meant to take place in 20 countries, and will culminate in the prestigious Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia from 17th – 18th January 2019.

Blockchain for SDGs Tour Summit will be heading to Singapore next, on 7th October 2018. Join us there to be a part of European Blockchain HUB’s global movement for sustainable development with Blockchain!

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