Press conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia

August 31st

With the European Blockchain HUB media event, Slovenia has announced a leading role in providing the fundamentals for global integration of governments, professionals, companies, technologies, business eco-systems, researchers, and developers in the field of blockchain technology.

Mr. Blaž Golob, President and CEO of EUBC HUB, said at today's press conference "The EUBC HUB has cooperative legal status, and aims to be  open organization based on membership, and work will be focused on 3 fundamental activities. The first activity is the advocacy of Blockchain development, the second is spreading the knowledge of Blockchain technology advantages, and the third activity are supporting the projects of member’s common interest.”

Mr. Rex Yeap Zong Xin, Asia Blockchain Hub and Advisory Board Member EUBC HUB has introduced the plans for the largest Europa - Asia Blockchain Tour, starting in Jakarta, on 11th of September 2018. Europa - Asia Blockchain Tour will cover 20 Countries and will end in Ljubljana on 19th of January 2019 with the biggest blockchain Summit in Eastern Europe.

Mr. Tadej Slapnik, President of Advisory Board EUBC HUB, said “The importance of blockchain technologies for Slovenia's economic growth has been placed in the broader concept of Slovenia as a reference country on the field of digital technologies. As actions are sounder than words, at yesterday's Government session, it was confirmed that Slovenia will submit the application for the implementation of the project MusicNOW to the European Commission and under the framework of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). “Mr. Slapnik continued that “By understanding global social development, the role of Slovenia, and the challenges of technology, the EUBC HUB is also a business network that has an important mission of connecting and integrating new technologies in accordance with 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN.”

Mr. Gregor Novak, CEO and Co-founder of SunContract and EUBC HUB Management Board Member said “Active membership of the EUBC HUB will enable companies and organizations to connect with quality and credible business partners who can help them to enter foreign markets. At the same time, EUBC HUB is a dynamic global business network that allows individuals to take an active role in developing the platform itself and its services in other countries.”

From left to right Mrs. Nena Dokuzov, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Slovenia; Mr. Rex Yeap Zong Xin, Asia Blockchain Hub and Advisory Board Member EUBC HUB; Mr. Blaž Golob, President and CEO of EUBC HUB; Mr. Tadej Slapnik, President of Advisory Board EUBC HUB; Mr. Gregor Novak, CEO of SunContract and Management Board Member EUBC HUB.

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