Jakarta / Tour Kick off

Sept 11th

Biggest Blockchain Summit aims to foster mass adoption of Blockchain across industries through sustainable development goals

The biggest blockchain event of the year — Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals Tour Summit 2018/19 — kicked off in Jakarta, Indonesia, today. Organized by European Blockchain HUB, this tour is meant to take place across the globe, in 20 countries, and will culminate in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 17 to 18 January 2019.

The goal of the summit is to make blockchain a sustainable development that enables mass adoption of the technology across industries through international standard, education, etc.

The speakers for the inaugural tour and summit in Jakarta — all of whom are experts and pioneers themselves in blockchain, as well as respected within the blockchain community — were as follows: 

  1. Blaž Golob, President of European Blockchain HUB.
  2. Rex Yeap, Advisory Member of European Blockchain HUB and representative of Asian Blockchain Hub.
  3. Eddy Virgo Ng, member of Euro Asia Blockchain Indonesia Node.
  4. Dr Arif Satria, Rector of Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia.
  5. Professor Yandra Arkeman, Rector of Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia.
  6. Bapak Mahfud Malik, member of Agro Finance Cooperative, Indonesia.
  7. Aditia Kinarang Mokoginta, Founder and CEO of PT Aset Digital Indonesia.
  8. Salman Dianda Anwar, Commissioning Dharma Djaya.
  9. Scott Gass, EUNEX Marketing Director.
  10. Michael Cheah, Co-founder and CEO of World of Sharing.

Blaž Golob officially kickstarted the Summit at 1:00 pm, Jakarta time, and in his opening presentation, introduced the role his organization is playing, and emphasized the importance of blockchain technology for realization of sustainable development goals.

Besides the wealth of knowledge shared by all the speakers present, the highlights of this summit were:

  1. Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between European Blockchain HUB and Euro Asia Blockchain Indonesia Node to jointly develop an international standard for blockchain technology to be adopted by every country.
  2. Panel discussion allowing participants to listen first-hand to the expert opinions and insights shared by the panel, pertaining to forwarding the cause of mass blockchain adoption.
  3. High-level networking session between speakers, members of the blockchain community, and delegates.

All in all, the inaugural summit was a huge success — the turnout was very encouraging, and the speakers exceeded expectations. The feedback from the organizer — European Blockchain HUB — was highly optimistic. They feel that Indonesia has the edge in using blockchain to advance sustainable development goals, in particular economic empowerment, as the nation has “really good research and concrete software solutions in agriculture, like food production supply chain.

The Summit in Jakarta is just the beginning. There is so much more to learn about blockchain becoming a sustainable development, and every country or region reveals something new. The next Summit will take place in Hong Kong Asia World-Expo on 23 September 2018. Join us for more insights into this ever-growing well of knowledge and get the chance to network with great minds!


European Blockchain Hub (EUBC Hub) is an independent organization who champions Blockchain Technology for transparent, democratic, decentralized, and safe business operation. EUBC Hub first established its presence as a pioneer in the Blockchain industry in May, 2018 with aims to advocate the development of smart regulation for Blockchain development and digital entrepreneurship eco-systems at EU institutions, EU member States and other countries.

From its initial establishment in Europe – the EUBC Hub then expanded its wings to Asia; making Malaysia its first ever Asia node. The newly launched Asia Blockchain Hub marks the growth of EUBC Hub as trendsetter of Blockchain Technology in which the industry will set to see both its Europe and Asia’s stakeholders thrive globally.