Hong Kong / A huge success

Sept 23th

Hong Kong tour a huge success – marking the beginning of a positive development in the adoption of Blockchain technology to achieve the sustainable development goals in a global scale

Hong Kong, 23rd September – 2,700 audience showed up to the Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals Tour Summit in Hong Kong, sharing their positive energy to panel key speakers at the event.

The biggest Blockchain event of the year – Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Tour Summit 2018/19 was kicked off in Jakarta, Indonesia earlier this month on 11th September 2018. Organised by the European Blockchain HUB, this global tour across Europe and Asia is meant to take place in 20 countries, and will culminate in the prestigious Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia from 17th – 18th January 2019.

The summit in Hong Kong was kickstarted with welcoming speeches by the three strongmen of European Blockchain Hub; Blaz Golob – the President of European Blockchain HUB, Rex Yeap – the Founding Member of European Blockchain HUB and Dr. George So – the Chairman of Hong Kong Node of European Blockchain HUB. Dr. George So gave an overview of the summit happening on this day summarising the event into five main aspects that the audience would learn; Transformation, Equality, Freedom, Prosperity and Sustainable Development, all correlate to several of the Sustainable Development Goals, envisioned by the United Nations for better sustainable living. While the president, Blaz Golob stressed on the importance of Blockchain Technology in helping to solve society challenges such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With the attendance of 2,700 audience – the summit was made even more exciting as European Blockchain HUB held the Grand Launching of the Blockchain for Sustainable Goals Tour Summit to mark the official beginning of European Blockchain HUB’s global movement in advocating Blockchain Technology for sustainable development.

A signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) also took place between European Blockchain HUB and European Blockchain HUB Hong Kong Node to jointly develop an international standard for Blockchain Technology to be adopted by every country.

Besides the sequence of happening events which laid the foundation of global partnership between Europe and Asia, the highlights of the summit were also about:

  • Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals’ sharing sessions by 15 honoured guest speakers, all whom are experts and pioneers themselves in the Blockchain industry. They were:

    1. Blaz Golob, President of European Blockchain HUB
    2. Dr. George So, who is also the Founding Chairman of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area Node
    3. Simon Stephen, Co-Founder of MOGU
    4. Dr. Eric Ong, Founder & CEO of Relianz Limited
    5. Anja Blaj, Community Manager of Slovenia Blockchain Think Tank
    6. Simon Je, Founder & Chairman of the Hong Kong International Blockchain & Financial Association (HKIBFA)
    7. Kevin Lee, CEO & Co-Founder of KeyPair Co. Ltd.
    8. Ice Ong, Business Development Manager of World of Sharing (WOS)
    9. Mark Kalin, Head of Innovation Office & New Technology at BTC Company
    10. Emil Chan, Chairman of Fintech Committee of Smart City Consortium
    11. Jin Tai, CEO of MAXONROW Asia Region
    12. Wilson Gan, Corporate Advisor of Relianz Limited
    13. Jasmond Ng, Senior Sales & Technology Manager, Milletique Technologhy Development
    14. Kyan Lee, Marketing Director of EUNEX (Asia)
    15. Yusof Rayven, Senior Sales & Marketing of EUNEX

  • Panel discussion in Mandarin, allowing participants to listen first-hand to the expert opinions and insights shared by the panel, specifically pertaining to the adoption of Blockchain Technology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • High-level networking session between speakers, members of the Blockchain community, and fellow delegates.

  • Lucky draw sessions where selected audience were rewarded with ENX tokens worth up to US$ 2,000.

The Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals Tour Summit in Hong Kong – had been a blast especially with the positive responses from the massive audience. As results, it does not only motivate European Blockchain HUB and the fellow speakers in their quest to advance the Blockchain adoption, but also represent a positive beginning to this global movement for sustainable living.

Hong Kong is only the second Asian stop – but the success can already be felt! The next Asian stop will happen in Tokyo, Japan on 25th September 2018! Join us for more insights into this ever-growing well of knowledge and get the chance to network with great minds!

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