Foundation of the Asian Node – Kuala Lumpur

21st of July




KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 – The European Blockchain Hub has recently launched its Asia’s node; Asia Blockchain Hub in Malaysia on 21 July, 2018 – as part of its expansion in the Blockchain industry spanning across Europe and Asia.

Speaking to the press at the launch of Asia Blockchain Hub’s operating centre in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur – Rex Yeap, the Founder of Asia Blockchain Hub who is also the advisory member of the European Blockchain Hub said that the “aptitude of the people in the region towards Blockchain technology” is the reason why Asia was chosen as the second destination to establish a Blockchain hub.

He said that, “This industry has created a lot of new jobs and helped a lot of young people to become successful in their countries.” In addition, as to why Malaysia was chosen to house the Asia node, he commented that, “Malaysia has also seen many talented individuals rise high in the Blockchain industry over the past few years.”

To commemorate the big leap forward into the Blockchain industry – Asia Blockchain Hub commenced its first giant step by organising the Euro-Asia Blockchain Press Conference and the Euro-Asia Blockchain Forum in partnership with European Blockchain Hub. The double event was held at the St. Regis Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on the same day, after the launch of the Asia Blockchain Hub’s operating centre in Bangsar South.

The Euro-Asia Blockchain Hub Press Conference saw the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between seven members of the Asia Blockchain Hub; Rex Yeap, Jeff Chin – CEO & Co-Founder of World Of Sharing (WOS), Simon Stephen – Co-Founder of MOGU, Jay Low – CEO of Total Go, Dr. George So – Founding Chairman of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area Economic & Trade Association, Sunny Zhao – Vice President of International Blockchain Research Club (IBRC) and Eddy Virgo Ng – Ambassador & Chairman of Medan-Penang Sister City Association.

Later in the afternoon, Euro-Asia Blockchain Hub Forum was conducted where 13 key players and organisations from both Europe and Asia in the blockchain industry took to the stage to share their industry’s experiences and challenges as they talked about blockchain trend and projects in their home countries.

Among many of the topics shared were; The Advance in Blockchain Technology Fosters the Rapid Acceptance of Cryptocurrency by Dr. George So, Blockchain Supported Energy Trading by Gregor Novak – the CEO & Co-Founder of SunContract, The Future of Blockchain by Steve Van Zuthpen – the Core Team for EUNEX, The Importance of Big Data by Jeff Chin, and many more.

The president and CEO of the European Blockchain Hub Mr. Blaž Golob together with Dato Rey Gan, director and member of the Management Board of the European Blockchain Hub, attended the opening of the new office and witnessed the signing of seven new Asian Blockchain Hub members.


European Blockchain Hub (EUBC Hub) is an independent organisation who champions Blockchain Technology for transparent, democratic, decentralised, and safe business operation. EUBC Hub first established its presence as a pioneer in the Blockchain industry in May, 2018 with aims to advocate the development of smart regulation for Blockchain development and digital entrepreneurship eco-systems at EU institutions, EU member States and other countries.

From its initial establishment in Europe – the EUBC Hub then expanded its wings to Asia; making Malaysia its first ever Asia node. The newly launched Asia Blockchain Hub marks the growth of EUBC Hub as trendsetter of Blockchain Technology in which the industry will set to see both its Europe and Asia’s stakeholders thrive globally.

Mr. Rex Yeap – The founder of Asia Blockchain Hub

Office opening in Kuala Lumpur – European Blockchain Hub

Signing ceremony of a 7 new members of the Asian Blockchain Hub

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