Debating Blockchain and Cybersecurity – Ljubljana

6 November 2018

The ‘Blockchain Talk: Cybersecurity’ debate took place on Tuesday, 6th November 2018, in European Blockchain Hub, Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was organised by the European Blockchain Hub (EU BC HUB) in cooperation with the Embassy of the United States of America (USA) in Slovenia.

As a special guest, Mr Yaya J. Fanusie, director of analysis for Foundation of Defense of Democracies (DFF) Centre on Sanctions and Illicit Finance (CSIF) and expert on blockchain and cybersecurity, joined the debate. Fanusie’s research focuses on national security implications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Participants in the debate were:

  • Mr Amar Muratović, Mr Ivan Gabrić, and Mr Marko Prizmić, all from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Croatia, who manage their own Blockchain Club where they provide educational hours for other students about blockchain technology;
  • Ms Natalia Toporkova, political science student;
  • Norma De Saint Picman, creative director in design and art, committed to finding investors and putting together a team which would build global blockchain-based art platform; and
  • Timotej Polach, Eligma company representative.

The discussion overall focused on cybersecurity, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology. Fanusie explained about the function of courses in the USA, and gave many useful tips to the participants.

It was stated that students need to make a case by pointing real data which shows that the blockchain as an idea is good and that there is a real demand for it. In this way it would be possible to ‘convince the sceptics that the idea is both good and useful’.

It was clearly noted that blockchain-related businesses are still unregulated in most countries around the world.

Participants’ feedback was overall positive, and they expressed their interest for more gatherings and talks on these subject matters in the future.

The EU BC HUB is committed to organising such educational and interactive events in the future, which bring together government representatives, experts in blockchain technology, academia, and other interested stakeholder groups, as well as provide opportunity for new contacts and information sharing.

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